2001 SK34

/from classic to modern

An appartment from early thirties, typically divided in room en suite.

To keep this classic image and modernate, the wallcupboard in the backroom has been classified differently and given modern detailing. Among invisible doorhandles.

The client asked for many 'places' in the big open spaces. A shelves cabinet was designed according to the harmony of the stained glass windows in the appartment.By placing it right angled it creates another place...

wall cupboard

/ coated MDF

made by André Manten (NL)

shelves cabinet

/merbau untreated

made by Hermand de Roover (BE)


/front: two layers: grass green silk with a gauzelike wool

back: white silk

made by myself


/ steel with betonplex

made by Ernst Dullemond (NL)