2016 Koffiesteeg (BE)

/from warehouse to work & living space

A small paradise, totally closed from the street, an old nailfactory, now has a new function as atelier and loft.

The metal roofconstruction is totally selfsupporting from the facade to the end of the space (about 25m).

Due to the windows at the courtyard, where lots of light comes through, a big sliding door is placed. So in summer you can enjoy the light and courtyard and in winter heat less.

The bathroom is made in yellow, to have the sun in the darkest erea of the house.

A totally new roof is placed.


/Kingspan® 150mm


/Polish Pine

kitchenwall & top

/ Arcylic One®

made by myself


/ Acrylic One®

made by myself

info fleur@fleurswildens.com