about me

who am I?

Educated as a designer, where products are made for the mass and commerce, I drifted further since I graduated. A hunger for more possibilities led me to Belgium, where the basics still exists. A thorough search in handycrafts passed by. From welding and weft techniques to finally ceramics…

Without material nothing exists. You need to understand what the material can do to be able to design. Somehow ceramics gives me the possibility to create and make in any form thinkable… this void creates bounderies within the usage.


The enormous amount of different ways of using, liking or prefering fascinates me as well. Spaces where people live are always in need of their own soul. Their movements or habits ask for a new view of the existing space. With as little change and material as possible.

My standard comes from Dieter Rams' ten priciples for good design. As a consequence I design most of the time only one piece of each product. If we were all to design like this there would not be so much crappy design. It would also bring a better world (beauty slips into your mind and therefore in its perspective) according to Kaj Franck. I totally agree with these two philosophies.


Playing between the lines, in creating movements, material, techniques or colour usage to obtain a recognizable but not common object, space or utility is my goal. 


Combining materials, techniques, colours or disciplines is due to this search for the unknown known a result of who I am and how I work. That’s why I am called ‘Miss Possibilities’.

For now, I create and if possible make lightning, interiors, utilities and objects ...